Thursday, September 20, 2012

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and MBAM

Yesterdays 2 presentations on Microsoft Windows Partner Bootcamp that was held by me and Reidar Johansen (#reidartwitt) are now ready for download.

The first presentation was about the new product UE-V, the updates in App-V and AGPM. Pluss an reminder that DaRT are cool :-)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 ready for download


Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8

Microsoft have just made the "Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8" available for download.

This is now more than ever an important tool, since we can manage everything remote on the Server 2012 and we will se lots more of reServer Core installation out there because of this.

Please do remeber to logon to your computer as an ordinary user and start RSAT With the "run as" feature. Security!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upgrading Windows Release Candidate/Preview to RTM

I am in general against upgrading to newer version, even from Windows 7 to 8 I would prefair a clean install. But it's nice to have the possibility to upgrade.

One of my Laptop was running everything I need for a presentation with demos that I shall host in 2 day's time. And it's running the Release Candidate version of Windows Server 2012. The RTM version of Server 2012 are available today, and I would of course like to show that I am a modern guy running the latest bits :-)

Remembering back to Windows 7 / 2008 R2 beta/RTM days, there was a way of upgrading between the different beta and rc Versions. I tested this out from Developer preview to newer version but it did'nt work.

BUT! trying it today it from RC to RTM it did work :-)

Check out how to do it

How Springboard Can Help You Plan, Deploy and Manage Your Windows Environment

On this thursday, the 6th of september I will hold an MTUG Bergen session about all the great things on the Springboard site. Lots of trick and tips.

There is alot of cool stuff and tools there I am sure you don't know and would love. 

The session are based on my session from TechED in Amsterdam this year.

How Springboard Can Help You Plan, Deploy and Manage Your Windows Environment

Reinventing the wheel is a time consuming job, and often the results are anything but a round wheel. In this session, see how the Microsoft Springboard page, with all its solution accelerators and infrastrucure planning guides, can make the job much smoother.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Free Windows Server 2012 book based on RTM version

From Keith Mayers blog:

This week, Mitch Tulloch and the Windows Server team have released a new updated version of the FREE e-Book for IT professionals: Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition. With Windows Server 2012 RTM launching on Sept 4th, this book is a great way to get quickly skilled up on all the new improvements in this latest Windows Server - one of the most ambitious releases of Windows Server for IT Pros since Active Directory was released in Windows Server 2000!  In this 256-page eBook, you'll find 5 chapters of detailed technical content covering the following key improvements to building a Private Cloud at your shop with Windows Server 2012:

IT Puls Tromsø - Slides for my session

Hi, my session on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 on IT Puls Tromsø are ready for download if you want them.

Summer holiday and nice resources to help you stay out of the sun

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