Monday, November 3, 2014

How to boot from VHD file (Windows 10 Preview)

Although it is now easy to test things in a virtual machine it is still something that require, or work better, on a physical installation. Among other Hyper-V or devices with touch screen.

So now when "Windows 10 Technical Preview" is here it is an appropriate time to go through how to use the VHD files as a disk to install the OS. Which makes it possible to start the OS directly without going through a hypervisor, even though we use a VHD file as disk.
You need to have the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1


I will assume that you have downloaded the required ISO file, links can be found in my blog post

Windows 10 - Modify The "Start Menu" Or Change To The "Start Screen"?

With Windows 10 you get your "Start Button" back if you are using a device with a keyboard. On devices without keyboard (touch display) or with devices with removable keyboard with the keyboard deattached, it will be started with just about the same start screen as in Windows 8.1. It is now even better than the old Windows 7 button.

Create a group for all Autopilot devices

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