Monday, February 18, 2019

Test-MigrationReadyness.ps1 Script

I have added a OneDrive/SharePoint migration related script to my GitHub
This is an add-on to make my script "Test-OneDrivePath.ps1" only check against specified folders (and its subfolders) instead of all folders in the specified path.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Slides and links to scripts from my NIC 2019 sessions

Another Nordic Infrastructure Conference has come to an end. As always got to talk to lots of interresting people attending and speaking. Got my first bluescreen during a presentation, looks like it was dlidusb2.dll a DisplayLink driver that caused it. Luckily my Surfacebook 2 booted up fast and got me going without to much hassle.

Create a group for all Autopilot devices

Working with Autopilot and need a group covering all AutoPilotet enrolled devices? Michael Niehaus has this covered in his blogpost:  Autop...