Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ignite Session: THR3026, THE Script!!!

Without any fuzz, here it is The Script. Short and sweet just like me. Will make a better blogpost with more info so watch this blog ;-)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ignite Session: THR3026 - Migrating home folders to OneDrive for Business

One of the big benefit of working in a company like Lumagate is the focus on continuous development of knowledge among the employees. Combining this with the amassing culture of sharing is caring mentality, gives us that special edge that is needed to solve challenges.

I had been trying to create a script to search for OneDrive limitations in folders to use before migrating or to have as a troubleshooting tools during migration. The Microsoft support and recovery assistant for office 365 can be helpful, but that require to be installed and are a GUI based solution. So running a script is a much more efficient way. I was a bit stuck so I just posted a "help me, please" note in our Teams channel and 1 hour late I had a really promising draft of a script handed to me by my colleague Reidar Johansen.

Friday, September 1, 2017

EM+S Overview of documentation

This blog entries started as a "note to self". There is a lot of information out there and when needed you can of course Google it on Bing, but sometimes it nice just to browse a page looking for inspiration or have a place to go where you know the information are of high quality. So I created this list with links to EM+S product homepage and official documentation. I also included links to playbooks for ATA, CAS and AAD. I love the playbooks, they are a great source to test and learn. Microsoft Virtual Academy also have some nice classes for EM+S related learning

End off year and first set off conferences and speaking engagements for 2020

2019 2019 was a busy year (as most off them usually are). Lots of conferences and speaking engagements, Nordic Infrastructure Conference...