Monday, September 26, 2011

How to find english symbols when using a norwegian keyboard

Sitting on a Norwegian keyboard with computers that have english settings are often a pain in the ass.
Remeber some of the most importen once usely goes ok, but going into the "On-Screen Keyboard" to find the once I forget takes a long time. So here are a list of the once I know beeing used.
Give me a comment if somethigs missing
How to get English symbols with Norwegian keyboard:

English Symbol
Norwegian Keyboard Key
Shift + -
Shift + 2
Shift + 4
Shift + æ
Shift + ø
Shift + ?
Shift + 9
Shift + 0
Shift + ;
Shift + :
Shift + 8
Shift + 7
Shift + \
Shift + å
Shift + ^
Shift + *
Shift + 3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8 Client Secured Boot

Just read this in the Windows Developer Preview - Windows 8 Guide:
Secured boot

Secured boot stops malware in its tracks and makes Windows 8 significantly more resistant to low-level

attacks. Even when a virus has made it onto your PC, Windows will authenticate boot components to prevent
any attempt to start malware before the operating system is up and running. If the component isn’t correctly
signed by Microsoft, Windows will begin remediation and start the Windows Recovery Environment, which
will automatically try to fix your operating system.
Great news for security. Still not testet and with to little information, but it might look like there will be disk encryption available for all users, even though it still state that Bitlocker are a business customer feature. Maybe Bitlocker light?

Windows Server 8 (Beta) and KMS functions

Last night (first day of Build) showed alot of cool features in Windows 8 the client, but great news about the server version was also documented in some of the documentation for the client.

On of the realy cool new features are that Active Directory will now take over the role of the KMS server and activate Windows 8 client and its also compatible with Windows 7. Great news, but it did not say anything about Office 2010, yet!.

Lots of other stuff will most likely be reveald today

Monday, September 5, 2011

TechDays gets a new session on Active Directory Management

Because of slow baby arrival I was asked to do a SCSM session on tomorrows TechDays in Norway.
Looking through the slides its clear the session was demo focused, so I had to reject since I didn't have a lab enviroment for that up and running.

But the great news is that I will instead hold a session on Group Policy, Fine-Grained Password Policies, wmi filters and stuff :-)

Summer holiday and nice resources to help you stay out of the sun

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