Friday, August 31, 2018

Installing Android on a Hyper-V virtual machine

Working with mobile device management (MDM) require a lot of testing. With Windows 10 testing is no problem (except those things that demand to be done on a physical device by different reasons), they can easily be run virtual. But when it comes to phones and tablets it have not been that easy. Visual Studio and some other solutions where out there, but they did not come with Store access or they had dependence which excluded Hyper-V from running. Some Emulators runs in a Hyper-V VM with Windows 10, but not on the host itself. So, if you got it to work it was usually slow and painful.

Create a group for all Autopilot devices

Working with Autopilot and need a group covering all AutoPilotet enrolled devices? Michael Niehaus has this covered in his blogpost:  Autop...