Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scom 2012 Beta out now

And you find a link to the download and info here

Biggest focus are cloud of course (Manage both public and private cloud as well as your datacenter)

This is what the Q&A picks out as the biggest news:
·         Common console across datacenter and clouds. You get a consistent view across the Operations Manager 2012 console, web console, and SharePoint, with the information you need to keep IT services running across datacenter and cloud resources. In addition, you can use dashboard templates to create custom views tailored to your specific needs.
·         Rich Application Performance Monitoring: With newly integrated AVIcode technology for monitoring .NET applications, Operations Manager 2012 delivers .NET application performance monitoring and diagnostics. Additionally, support for JEE application health monitoring has been added to help ensure the availability of a broad number of business-critical applications and services.
·         Support for heterogeneous environments. If you run a variety of operating systems—Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers and their workloads—Operations Manager 2012 provides a single console to monitor this heterogeneous environment.
·         Integrated network device monitoring and alerts. Operations Manager 2012 now includes network device monitoring. Instead of simply monitoring each server, it is now possible to look at the underlying network topology that connects the servers. You get a single end-to-end view to help you understand how your server and network infrastructure is working as a whole—from node to network to servers to applications and services.
·          Simplified management infrastructure. The use of management servers and server pools enables a highly available monitoring infrastructure without expensive hardware or complicated configurations. And with one-step setup for high availability, you get support for automatic failover.
 And they have acctualy set a relase time frame (even though its just statet as first half of 2012)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hyper-V in Windows Server "8" news

Something are now starting to getting leaked about the next server version and Hyper-V :-)

Not sure about the limit but you can now assign more then 16 virtual cpu to each virtual guest (my guess are 32 is the limit, but they might still surprise us)

And the coolest feature (at least for now) are Hyper-V Replica some info here
Its free and a buildin feature of the next Hyper-V who can replicate your virtual machine over the network to different devices, or just a ordinary windows server. It can contain different timed versions (snapshots) and will be a much better function than having the snapshot eating your diskspace on the Hyper-V disk system (and the problem with merging snapshots file who now only accour after a shutdown of the computer).Yet another free feature that other will charge a leg and a arm for :-)

About 37 minutes into this you can check it out

Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 6 released

MAP 6 are now finished and ready for download, you can find the download here

The main news are Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track, Microsoft Office 2010 & Office 365 and Windows Azure Platform. So its a "cloud" upgraded version. Nice if you consider staring your own cloud or just want to se if Office 365 could be a solution for you.

MAP are also a great tool if you want to check if your customers (or your own company) can upgrade to a Windows 7 platform, Office 2010, Hyper-V, Sql and all the other features in MAP. It even makes a nice report and propsal document that you can give the customer after running the collection of information. The template can be edition to suit your needs or contain yor companies logos and information

Be sure to test it out, its easy and you can download great documentations on how to use it.

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