Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hyper-V in Windows Server "8" news

Something are now starting to getting leaked about the next server version and Hyper-V :-)

Not sure about the limit but you can now assign more then 16 virtual cpu to each virtual guest (my guess are 32 is the limit, but they might still surprise us)

And the coolest feature (at least for now) are Hyper-V Replica some info here
Its free and a buildin feature of the next Hyper-V who can replicate your virtual machine over the network to different devices, or just a ordinary windows server. It can contain different timed versions (snapshots) and will be a much better function than having the snapshot eating your diskspace on the Hyper-V disk system (and the problem with merging snapshots file who now only accour after a shutdown of the computer).Yet another free feature that other will charge a leg and a arm for :-)

About 37 minutes into this you can check it out

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