Friday, March 7, 2014

Extending the number of cpu cores in Azure

As default, every customer in Azure gets twenty CPU cores.
Creating new computers will quickly need more than this. My experience is that most of the small computers still needs to be run as “Medium” you will then use two cores. That gives you ten VM’s in total.

Moreover, you will most likely use some large ones as well. Therefore, you will be able to have only eight or less VM’s in your cloud.

This is of course not a limitation in Azure itself, but the annoying part is that you actually have to create a support incident with Microsoft Azure support to raise it. Would be nice if it was a self-portal service to change it.

Lucky the process of getting it done is easy, and you get response fast. In my case, it took about 30 minutes until everything was up and running with 40 cores. I even missed the phone call from the support technician J

First step is to log on to your Azure account.

Click on your name on the upper right part of the Azure page and select “Contact Microsoft Support”

If you have more subscriptions, you can select the right one and then select the right Country/Region, language and support type (in this case technical)

You select “Quota or Core Increase Requests” as problem type and “Virtual Machine Cores” as category

You need to supply you contact information

Describe the problem

In addition, you need to select a severity. You can also tell about your preferred contact method

You are then good to go. I waited for about 30 minutes even though that my severity was B (Since we were doing a system upgrade that demanded more CPU the next day), but of course you might have to wait longer.

And we now have 40 cores. Good times. We could get more cores if we needed more, and remember that you are still only being billed for the cores used.


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