Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nic - Geeks That Care

With all the disasters and misfortune around the world, it is important to show that we care and try to help in the ways we can. It might be a kind word to a suffering friend, helping an elderly with tasks easy for you but hard for them, or enable other to help.

This year I have decided to give all my earning during the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) to "Save the Children Foundation / Redd Barna" and their project to help the children of Syria.

Children are the most innocent and vulnerable part in a conflict, but sadly they are often the once affected the worst. The sad destiny waiting for thousands of children that have lost parents, brothers, sisters and entire family, without food and the possibility to create a life if nobody care to help is something we cannot stand and just watch.

Please join me and donate so we can enable “Save the Children Foundation / Redd Barna” to make a difference. There is a donating solutions for both private and companies

My donation page can be located here: http://innsamling.reddbarna.no/syria/6-1678

More info – English https://syria.savethechildren.net/

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