Monday, February 8, 2016

Geeks That Care - Winner

The main winner is the children that “Redd Barna” helps with the money collected. And hopefully everybody donating have the winning feeling just by helping.

The winner of the price donated by Lumagate has been drawn and contacted. It was the giver who got the number 11, and the tickets numbers 63-67. With the winning number being 65.

The Process used (in Excel) was that everybody got a number replacing name, and a calculated number of tickets based on the amount given

I then created a sheet where the number got as many lines as they had tickets, removing myself and there was 118 tickets in the lottery.
I then used the formula “RANDBETWEEN” with the parameters 2 till 129 (since line 1 was used for information

Line/ticket 65 was giver number 11. The Winner was very happy and had wanted a Kindle for some time. Will get Lumagate to send the price, and the winner are soon ready to start read 
So there you go. The donation page will still be open at least until end of Februar. Money for my contribution to NIC will be added soon. So there is still a chance to win that great feeling of helping children in need.

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