Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Clouds over Bergen

Weather Forecast

May will be cloudy in Bergen, but this time it’s not bothersome clouds with rain, but cool clouds for better IT solution.

The forecast shows total cloud covering the 19. of May from 9:00 until 15:30, and the centre will be around “Vil Vite” and the free Lumagate seminar

Microsoft Chief Security Advisor

The Keynote will be presented by the Chief Security Advisor from Microsoft, Ole Tom Seierstad. Ole Tom is one of the most experienced Microsoft Norway employees, and have seen the changes in security needs in the modern datacentre and user patterns. He will talk about how to think security in the cloud related word.

The Bergen offices have several of the most skilled people in their fields working there, so Remi a seasoned Identity consultant, Håvard an Azure expert with head in the cloud but both feet’s firmly on the ground and me, Olav, are “locals” from the Bergen office. Morten is Lumagate’s consultant manager and will kick the show off

The seminar are held in Norwegian language


09.00: Welcome & introductionMorten Strand, Lumagate

09.15: Keynote - Security in the CloudOIe Tom Seierstad, Microsoft

10.30: Identitet – For the FutureRemi Vandemir, Lumagate

11.30: Pause & lunsj

12.30: From Mobile Device Management to Enterprise MobilityOlav Tvedt, Lumagate

13.30: The Modern DatacenterHåvard Grøndal, Lumagate

14.30: Get the best from both worlds with 'Hybrid Cloud'Magnar Buan, Lumagate

15.00: Wrap-up & Q&A

More info and Signup HERE

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