Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Microsoft Intune major update

Modern users are a challenge for any organization. With different devise and usage pattern than many organization are prepared for, we are risking the security of our content and stability of our systems. 

So, the need for a mobile/modern device management tool (MDM) that can help use remain secure and stable are for many a top priority. The Microsoft EM+s suit contains all the tools that you need in a modern MDM solution.

BUT, when you are meet with a console demanding Silverlight to run and it looks like this:

You don't feel like you have a particular modern solution. Especially when there is no API or PowerShell support.

Luckily the "Enterprise Mobility + Security" team at Microsoft are now in the process of transforming everything over to the Azure portal. This will give us a portal that runs on more web browsers then Internet Explorer (Silverlight don't run on Edge) and support for Graph API and of course PowerShell.

When it comes out ready to be tested and other Inune news can be read about at Microsoft on this link

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