Saturday, February 10, 2018

Migrating users homefolders to OneDrive with Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

Migration to OneDrive seems to be a hot topic these days, I have done several sessions on different conferences the last 6-8 months. And every time the room have been overfilled with curious people, my Ignite session had about 3 times the audience as the room was setup for and during Techdays in Sweden there where people standing all over the room and in the door opening for an hour. It would be nice for my ego to just write that on my score card as being awesome, but I think I must be honest enough to share the glory with hitting the right topic at the right time.
So, I will try to create some articles and help guiding more people to start using OneDrive as the primary storage for the user’s own files. 
I recorded the process of using Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool too migrater the users home folders to OneDrive. The Video are included in this blog, or you can find it HERE.
The SharePoint Migration Tool might be best suited for smaller companies or staged migration, but test it out, it's FREE :-) 

If you want to do a scriptet version check out this blog post
To get started you can go HERE to download the tool, and if you want to read general usage guide you will find it HERE

The Guide are actually so well created that I will not try to compete with it, so use that one.
BUT!!! Be aware, the link in the guide are currently pointing to an older version of the tool, use my link or Google for it to be sure. Got an old version? Don't worry it will update itself ;-)
You will most likely be using a CSV file during migration and you can check out the format by clicking on the link after you have selected "CSV file for bulk migration" or click the HERE

Basically you will user this format header (Should not be included in the file):

And the example I am using in the video simplifies the contnent down to "Source" (fileserver path) and the "TargetWeb" (users OneDrive path)

CSV File Content:

You see that there is a series of "," in there to replace empty values.
Remember that all users OneDrive have to be initialized, and if you need to list all users homedrive path you can use my script that I have shared on my Github HERE
So find the Popcorn it's movie time:

Direct link to the video are HERE

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