Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tired of using SMS as multifactor authentication in Office 365?

Are you tired of using SMS messages for MFA (multi-factor authentication)?  Why not switch to the Azure authenticator app?  Or maybe you already have the app installed but you still continue to get those annoying SMS (like me).
Changing the default behavior are not that hard, you just need to know where to do it.

The quick way is using the shortcut (thanks to mr. Dahlbom for that one)
If you forget the shortcut you can also find the right location by login on with your user account at htttps://
Then you should switch to profile

Under “Manage account” you must select “Additional security verification”, this takes you into the same area as the shortcut would have done

If don’t have setup the Authenticator app yet you can now do it by selecting “Authenticator app” and click on “Configure”.

When selecting the "Configure" you can now scan the code or type in number shown
And the last step will be to set the preferred option
Then you should be good to go. If any of the selection are greyed out and not possible to select, this would indicate that they are not enabled for you to use


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