Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sharepoint Conference 2019 - Secure your data, not your device podcast with Pål-Erik

Sitting and doing some final tweaks on my presentation for the SharePoint Conference.
It looks like there will be gladiators in there, of course, I am after all talking about information security.

And lucky for me, Mr. Pål-Erik Winther, walked by and had time for a chat.
I took the opportunity to start the "tape" recorder and it resulted in not only one, but 2 fine Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) podcasts. Just published the first one related to my SharePoint Conference session "Secure the data, not the device" and will publish the second one during the conference if time permits. 

So click this link if you want to hear "Secure the data, not the device - The Podcast"

Are you in Vegas during the conference give me a shoutout or just say hi if you see me 

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