Friday, November 18, 2011

Music weekly #1 Fish, Marillion and something weird

Starting a new weekly blog posting this week. Will share my week's musical highlights, lowlights and maybe nolights.
Will of course dedicate the first entry to Fish the Scotish poet with a stage present that encapsulate his audience with his combination of charm, golden tonge and his own blend of
seriousness and humor.
For Wikipedia info go here

Sadly there is not enough songs on Spofity from Fish but an always highlight is his song for the fans.

Fish - The Company Spofity link
Fish - The Company YouTube link

And some fun stuff, Fish (during his Marillion years) with Queen

Can not forget his Marillion years so here you have
Marillion - The Singles '82-'88 Spotify Link
Marillion - Kayleigh  Original video on YouTube, just because its the most know song

The man can sing loves songs with feelings

Well Olav, there is only highlights here what about lowlights/nolights.
This "artist" deserve respect, and have humor and self-ironi. I am no fan of his space adventure (does that exclude me from being a nerd?) but love Boston Legal and Shit my dad says

William Shatner - Iron Man Spotify link
William Shatner - Space Oddity Spotify link

William Shatner - Iron Man YouTube link
William Shatner - Space Oddity YouTube link

Respect for self-irony

Test-MigrationReadyness.ps1 Script

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