Saturday, November 26, 2011

Music weekly #2 Mike Oldfield, The Doors and Screaming Pigs

Second entry in the Music weekly post series, added late on the sunday, but I made it.

Mike Oldfield have done alot of great music, but he also like to play around with it. One of my favorites by Mike Oldfield are one of his stranges songs. Just listen to the lyric.

Mike Oldfield - Altered State Spotify link
Mike Oldfield - Altered State Youtube link

To learn more about Mike Oldfield go to wikipedia , here you will find out that he have to children with the norwegian singer Anita Hegerland.

One group that always will stand out as one of the most important influences in music is The Doors. No mather of you like them or not, the changed the direction of music into what it is to day. Let us just jump into a couple of songs

The Doors - When the music's over Spotify link
The Doors - When the music's over Youtube link

The Doors - Love Street  Spotify link
The Doors - Love Street Youtube link

And to end the week with a great song from move that will haunt you every time you take a forrest or river trip for the rest of your live

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