Saturday, February 4, 2012

Window Phone 8 and data encryption?

I am a happy user of my Samsung Omni 7, especially after the Mango update and Spotify got available. It is actually the smart phone I have had for the longest period (about 18 months, and no immediate plan to replace it). It's robust and stabile.

But basically a phone is just a tool to communicate, and I have never been that interested in phones as long as I can call and have descent Exchange functionality. But, as things comes together it looks like the new Windows Phone 8 will run Windows 8 core and have cool features like Bitlocker.

It will have System Center integration, do we smell a Endpoint Protection Client?, Direct Access?For deployment people we actually need to start considering phone with its OS and applications as a part of our domain, like it or not. I think it could be cool, it will raise a lot of new responsibilities and challenges, but that’s what we are here for isn’t it. By the way, I might consider replacing my Samsung with a Nokia Lumia 800 J
Paul Thurrott have covered lots of cool rumors as his site here

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