Sunday, February 5, 2012

Windows 8 screen shot leak, are the start menu dead?

Looking at the screen shoots published at it looks like we are not getting the ordinary start menu back. Wonder what will happen if we try the registry hack I have bloged about previous here?

If you take a look at the picture you see that the start option is missing totaly

Developer Preview

Leaked screenshot version

Hopefully it will comeback because lots of companies upgrades over time, and using some computers without start meny and some with will only confuse the users and generate lots of support questions on the IT department.

And Microsoft should also be aware that a total change in users interface will generate the question: "should we change OS providers as well when the changes will be this big anyway?"

We haven't seen the "beta" (that now might be called “Consumer Preview") so it's hard to tell, the sceen shoot can be from just another set of "what if" views.

With just week left I am for sure exited

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