Saturday, December 15, 2012

Magic of the right click on the lower left corner

There are lots of new thing to learn about Windows 8, something because they are better or new and some because you are missing something from previouse version of Windows.

This tip are because you are missing something from previouse versions :-)
The start button are dead and replaced with a start menu. In many cases this will workout fine, but some you need faster way to find what you need.

And there are lots of smart ways to get it, one of the easiest ways are to remeber that you are not using a Mac. Right click your mouse and you will always get the most wanted features of the thing you are pointing at.

In many cases this just leads to a short logical menu like when you right click the desktop:

But if you remeber this and try it out every now and the you will discover that the menu can might give you more than you thought. Why not try out the name of this posting and right click the lower left corner

As you see you can Access everything from task manager and Control panel to event viewer and the run command.
And you have a keyboard shortcut for it too, Win+X

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