Friday, December 21, 2012

Nordic Infrastructure Conference sessions

The second edition of NIC will be held january 24-25, and a killer a program this year too.

I will host two session this year too, and enjoy lots of top class speakers rest of the time

My session are

Are you ready for Windows 8?
Are you just looking into how to get a better overview of your hardware and software, or are you planning on upgrading to Windows 8? Let us show you the free tools and utilities from Microsoft that helps you out. We also look into what to think about before starting, how to make the right choices and what deployment tools to use. Lots of free tools and solutions will be covered.

Even if you are think about other versions of Windows or you just want to get control over your hardware and software this session will get you on the right track. Lots of demos

Configuring & tuning Windows 8
How do you configure your clients? We will show you the new Group Policies in Windows 8 and other tools to make your system better and more secure. Expect demos and tips from Microsoft Springboard and Technet. And of course lots of Windows 8 stuff like tuning the new start menu, Windows store and more.
Lots of new things to think about, but also stuff you should have done already but did not do. This is the session that you don't want to miss. And the tips you implement first thing when back at the office. Many tips will be for older versions of Windows too  

See you in Oslo

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