Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deploying Windows 10 Preview with MDT 2013

For now MDT doesn't support deploying Windows 10. That is related too the new version number Windows got with build 9926.


But there is a workaround for it. I could use time too blog about it here, but luckily for us all Mr.Deployment, Johan Arwidmark, have already done the work.

You can find the workaround with needed files and explaining here at the excellent Deployment Research page

If you gone create a reference image be aware that there is also some issues with syspreping, no problem if the computer never connects to internet, but if it does you want to run the powershell command explained on the blog post here

Test-MigrationReadyness.ps1 Script

I have added a OneDrive/SharePoint migration related script to my GitHub This is an add-on to make my script " Test-OneDrivePath.ps1...