Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ignite Session: THR3026 - Migrating home folders to OneDrive for Business

One of the big benefit of working in a company like Lumagate is the focus on continuous development of knowledge among the employees. Combining this with the amassing culture of sharing is caring mentality, gives us that special edge that is needed to solve challenges.

I had been trying to create a script to search for OneDrive limitations in folders to use before migrating or to have as a troubleshooting tools during migration. The Microsoft support and recovery assistant for office 365 can be helpful, but that require to be installed and are a GUI based solution. So running a script is a much more efficient way. I was a bit stuck so I just posted a "help me, please" note in our Teams channel and 1 hour late I had a really promising draft of a script handed to me by my colleague Reidar Johansen.
After some brainstorms and tweaking (my auto correct tried to make that into twerking) we now have a beautiful script.

The flexibility of the script makes it possible to search for all the OneDrive limitations, but also other file types or limitations that we our self want to avoid.

It is possible of course just to search for the OneDrive limitations

 And you can select to get the output in the ordinary PowerShell GridView or in fileformat

Do you want the Script
If you come to my session at Ignite you will get the script. My session are on Wednesday, September 27 at 10:50 AM - 11:10 AM in the OCCC South – Expo Theater #5

You can find more information at the Microsoft Tech Community and the presentation deck will be available here after Ignite as well (but not the script)

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