Friday, September 1, 2017

EM+S Overview of documentation

This blog entries started as a "note to self". There is a lot of information out there and when needed you can of course Google it on Bing, but sometimes it nice just to browse a page looking for inspiration or have a place to go where you know the information are of high quality. So I created this list with links to EM+S product homepage and official documentation. I also included links to playbooks for ATA, CAS and AAD. I love the playbooks, they are a great source to test and learn. Microsoft Virtual Academy also have some nice classes for EM+S related learning

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Intune

Azure Active Directory

Azure Information Protection 

Advanced Threat Analytics 

Cloud App Security 

Microsoft Identity Manager 

Multi-factor Authentication 

Are you fealing lazy and just want to enjoy a bucket of popcorn and a move you can head over to Microsoft Mechanics Cinema

Microsoft Mechanics - Enterprise Mobility + Security Playlist


Enjoy and drop me a line if there is something more that should be included

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