Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Upcoming seminars, conferences and public appearance of the Bluescreen Brothers

Looking like it will be a busy period forward regarding public speaking. So just as you can keep track here is a list of dates of verified “shows”
May 30 – MVP Dagen 
Olav And Alexander: Vi er på vei te skyen, ka gjør vi med filservern ?? (Norwegian)
June 7 – Gnist 
Olav: Hvordan implementere Microsoft365 porteføljen med suksess. (Norwegian)
Alexander: Ta samhandlingen til neste nivå med Microsoft Teams! (Norwegian)
Olav And Alexander: "Enterprise use and security regarding OneDrive" and "File server migration to the cloud"
October 23 – TechDays Sweden 
Alexander and Olav: Getting started and beyond - Your guide to EMS (Pre-Conf)

I also have some Igniting news soon!!! Stay tuned for more information

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