Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Windows Server 2012 ebook

The next big thing, now that System Center family are here are without doubt the next version of Windows Server. And with the newly released "Release Candidate" it's coming fast.

So it's time to start learn whats new and why should you care about the next version. Jumping around on the internet and reading differnt blog post are time consuming and you never seems to get the debt of information, just what people think and have heard. Mitch Tulloch have teamed up with Microsofts server team to be able to give us what we need. 

The "Introducing Windows Server 2012" book are free for download and can be download in different formats from Microsoft Press HERE

The book looks great, but as a warning I think it's abit focused on Hyper-V and supporting features around Hyper-V. Nothing wrong with that but there are lots of other features that should have been mention, Windows Deployment Services are of course one thing I would love to see more of :-) and some more disk deduplication information (it contains links to more info about that one).

Happy reading!

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