Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TechED Amsterdam: Using the POC Jumstart Kit

During my session at TechEd Europe I talked about and showed the "POC Jumpstart Kit". This is a smart solution to test out Windows and Office readiness, deployment or just play around With MDT, SCCM, ACT and MAP.

It's a large download, but you get a great demo environment ready in no time. A bit like the Hydration Kit, but you don't have to do the installation process. Everything is on one server, and the server is ready to be used on Hyper-V or Virtual PC. There is no Integration Components installed so it's works well on both platforms. Convertion to other platforms should work as well.

Among the greates benefits are that you get a "instructions manual" with it. There is 13 lab guides Learning you how to use all the powers installed in the "Jumpstart Kit"

There is some "minor" issues to get it to work, but luckily there is workarounds :-)

The issues are related to that the software are timebombed so it stops working after a periode. Even tough you can use the "Slmgr -rearm" feature (and there is  a shortcut on the desktop to do it), this will not affect SQL. And you need SQL for MAP, ACT and Sccm.

The quickest solution is to change the time on the server to be before 16. april 2012, and remember to turn of time syncronization between the host and guest machine so it's not getting automaticly corrected.

But the best solution will be to do a version upgrade all three instances.
Will explain later, running of to the session now ;-)

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