Tuesday, April 26, 2016

End of support announcement of DirSync and Azure AD Sync

Microsoft announced the deprecation schedule of Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (“DirSync”) and Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync (“Azure AD Sync”) on April 13. 

This means that all support will end on April 13 2017 for DirSync and Azure AD Sync.
The tools will of course continue to work after this date, but you will not get any updates or support from Microsoft after April 13, 2017.

The Azure AD Connector for FIM/MIM has not yet been announced as deprecated. It is at feature freeze; no new functionality is added and it receives no bug fixes. But it’s end of support will be announced at some time so it might be smart to start to plan for it.

Microsoft has provided great guides to help getting up and running on Azure AD Connect:
Upgrade Windows Azure Active Directory sync (DirSync): 

Upgrade from a previous version to the latest:

There is also a quick video on Channel 9:

Azure Active Directory Connect: in-place upgrade from legacy tools:

And if you want to stay in sync with development you can follow the Active Directory team’s blog here: 

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