Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Geeks That Care - Final status part 1

My “Geeks that Care” project are now soon coming to an end. I will give a huge thanks to everybody that have donated and supported this project during the last few months.

The current state is Nkr 28.705, - (That’s 3.043, - EURO or 3.445, - USD), not to bad considering my goal was 16.000 NKr.

All money goes directly too “Redd Barna / Save the Children foundation” and their work to help Syrian children.

As a final push I hope that we can push the number up to 30.000, - and that somebody will take over the challenge and create a new donation page for Save the children foundation. When creating a donation page everything is being done on Save the Children webpage and with their easy to use tools, you only have to spread the world around using social media etc. It is easy and it gives a good nice warm feeling J

For final donations go HERE

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